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Rules for payment via SMS


Payment process

Payment is made by sending SMS with the transport code or state number (in case of decals of the stickers with the transport code) to the short number 2505, or via the SMSBUS Passenger mobile application.


Service Quality Assessment

In the SMSBUS Passenger mobile application, you can evaluate the quality of services, the state of transport, send feedback and complaints. All ratings and reviews are analyzed and appropriate measures are taken. Data is immediately displayed in the carrier system.


SMS sending cost

The cost of sending SMS to the short number 2505 is 0 tenge (free).


Cashless payment

Non-cash fare in public transport in the cities of Nur-Sultan and Kyzylorda is 90 tenge, in express buses in the city of Nur-Sultan - 180 tenge, in Almaty, Uralsk, Taldykorgan and Aktobe - 80 tenge, in Shymkent - 70 tenge. In the suburbs of the city of Nur-Sultan, the fare depends on the passenger departure zone and arrival zone (zone number 1 - 90 tenge, zone number 2 - 200 tenge, zone number 3 - 300 tenge, zone number 4 - 400 tenge).


Getting an electronic ticket

The passenger receives an electronic ticket by SMS or through the SMSBUS Passenger mobile application. The number of the electronic check is displayed as a QR code.


Electronic ticket presentation

The passenger must keep the electronic ticket until the end of the trip and must present to the control service for automatic scanning of the check in order to verify the fare.


Agreement with the rules

By sending an SMS message to the short number 2505, the Passenger agrees to the rules for using the smsbus service.


Payment restrictions

Payment from the phone balance is not available for corporate numbers.


Alternative payment methods

Passengers can also use alternative payment methods - by credit card or with Install the smsbus mobile app.


Bank card registration

A bank card must be registered once in the ePay system of Halyk Bank. Click on the "Register a bank card" button to register.


Payment via the Homebank app

Passengers paying for travel through the Homebank application to open an electronic ticket must open an Electronic Ticket, enter the mobile phone number specified in the Homebank and the last 4 digits of the bank card.